The NNBA includes the following standing committees: the Admissions Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, the Training Committee, the Judicial Evaluation Committee, and the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee, and the Rules Committee.

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Admission Committee

  • Raymond Etcitty Jr., Chair - Window Rock
  • Tamsen Holm -Window Rock
  • Howard Brown - Tuba City
  • Marcelino Gomez - Window Rock
  • Ronald Haven - Chinle
  • Emery McCabe -Window Rock
  • Robert Retherford - Shiprock
  • Michelle Begay

The Admissions Committee shall have eight (8) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall be responsible for determining the qualifications of applicants for the Bar, administering the NNBA Bar Examination, and processing requests for changes to membership status and requests to withdraw from the NNBA.

Disciplinary Committee

  • James J. Mason - Chair
  • Steven Boos - Tuba City
  • Nona Lou Etsitty - Window Rock
  • Patricia A. Hall
  • James Ledbetter - Tuba City
  • Jennifer Skeet - Shiprock
  • Arita M. Yazzie - Window Rock

The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall hear and decide complaints of violations by members of the Navajo Nation Rules of Professional Conduct. The Committee shall regulate the unauthorized practice of law and shall determine appropriate penalties for the same.

Rules Committee

  • Patterson Joe, Chair - Tuba City
  • Bidtah Becker - Crownpoint
  • Kathleen Bowman - Window Rock
  • Peter Ives - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee
  • Brian Nichols - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee
  • Butch O' Neil - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee
  • Stella Scott - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee

The Rules Committee shall consist of five (5) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall regularly review the various Rules of the Navajo Nation Courts, and may propose to the Board amendments to such Rules.

Training Committee


  • Paul Spruhan, Chair - Window Rock
  • Troy Eid - Shiprock
  • Benson Begay - Window Rock
  • Meena Allen - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee
  • Carolyn M. Drouin - Window Rock
  • Patricia Salazar Ives - Ramah/Alamo/Tohajiilee
  • James Fitting - Window Rock
  • Katherine Belzowski

The Training Committee shall consist of eight (8) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall recommend to the Board minimum standards for paralegal training programs, advocacy programs, apprenticeship programs, or their equivalent, and to approve courses which meet these standards. The Committee shall also administer Navajo Law, Culture, Traditions, and History courses and NNBA Bar Examination review courses.

Judicial Evaluation Committee

  • Randolph Barnhouse, Chair, Interim- R/A/T
  • R. Ruben Gallegos - R/A/T
  • Genevieve Chato - Kayenta
  • Louis Denetsosie - Window Rock
  • Tyson Yazzie
  • Vacant -

The Judicial Evaluation Committee shall consist of five (5) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall solicit judicial evaluations from the NNBA membership. The Committee shall act as the NNBA liaison with the Law and Order Committee of the Navajo Nation Council and the Courts of the Navajo Nation for purposes of evaluating candidates for Judge positions, sitting Judges, and Administrative Hearing Officers.

Continuing Legal Education ("CLE")

  • Judith Dworkin, Chair - Tuba City
  • Kristina John - Shiprock
  • Betsy Snow - Chinle, Kayenta, and WR
  • Martha L. King- Shiprock
  • Keith Mier - Crownpoint, and ART

The Continuing Legal Education Committee shall consist of five (5) members, including the Chair. The Committee shall oversee continuing legal education (CLE) requirements for the NNBA, including, but not limited to: (1) regularly reviewing and, if necessary, proposing appropriate changes in or revisions to the NNBA CLE Standards to the Board; (2) certifying programs for CLE credit; (3) approving CLE credit for persons who prepare articles or make presentations at programs; (4) monitoring members' compliance with CLE requirements; and (5) encouraging the provision of low- cost or no-cost CLE programs.