2020 Annual Bar Dues

Navajo Nation Bar Association, Inc.

2020 Information


Please ensure the forms, bar dues payment, CLE hours, and updated contact information, are submitted to the NNBA Office by

5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 07, 2020 

Completed forms and payment can be dropped off at the NNBA Office located in the

Karigan Building,

Room #116A

St. Michaels, Arizona

or mailed to the NNBA at our Post Office Box address, or faxed. E-mailing scanned completed Forms is acceptable, but not required.

Online Payment and submission of 2020 Annual Bar Due Form are also available.

(Dues payment must be mailed, dropped off or paid online)


1. FORM A - NNBA Membership Dues. NNBA membership dues must be paid as indicated above and no later than February 7, 2020. If not paid or postmarked by said due date, then a $30.00 late fee will be assessed. All returned checks are subject to an additional $35.00 return check fee. Failure to submit your required bar dues, late fees, or returned check penalties, if applicable, shall result in the NNBA filing an appropriate Petition for Suspension.

Download 2020 FORM A - PAYMENT FORM

2. FORM B - NNBA MCLE Reporting Form. All active NNBA Members shall submit their NNBA MCLE Reporting Form indicating annual MCLE hours earned in 2019. If you did not turn in the CLE form at the Annual Conference or other NNBA Sponsored Course, then attach supporting documents verifying the hours.

Download 2020 FORM B - CLE FORM


3. FORM C – REQUEST to be in our Listing. The NNBA offers an Attorney/Advocate Referral Listing free to the general public. For an annual fee of $20.00 per district, your firm’s name will be placed onto this list, under the district or districts you request and have paid for. This Listing is frequently requested by the general public, via telephone calls, emails, and website requests.

Download 2020 FORM C - REQUEST FORM


4. Navajo Nation Supreme Court Opinions/Court Rules. The Navajo Nation Supreme Court Opinions and Court Rules Subscription Service will be no longer available since the information is available from the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch’s website at http:// www.navajocourts.org


5. FORM E - Contact Information. The NNBA needs your updated information for the NNBA directory, please fill out and submit with your bar dues. This form is required annually. All payments must be made by check, money order or paid online.



2020 Annual Bar Dues

Form Submission




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Please if you are paying for someone else,  write the name(s) of the members in the "ADD A NOTE" area of the check out page. Thank you.

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