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NNBA 2020 Webinar Sessions CLE Forms

"Looking to the Future"

The Navajo Nation Bar Association (NNBA) has applied for CLE credit from the Navajo Nation CLE Committee. Pending Navajo CLE credit for each session is listed along with session information. Navajo Nation Bar Association members must earn at least 6 general credits and 2 ethics credits in Navajo law each year to maintain active bar membership status.


NNBA has additionally applied for CLE credit from the state bars of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Please check below for more information on how to apply for state CLE credit for this webinar.

Once you have finished filling out the forms, please scan and email to or

Attendance Form

Please fill out the form below for our records:

02:30 PM

An error occurred. Please email or with the information above. Thank you!

Thank you, your information has been submitted. Please fill out the forms below and email to or Thank you!

NNBA 2020 Webinar Sessions CLE Forms:


Please use the link below to fill out the NNBA CLE form. Once filled out, please email to or Please keep a copy for your records.


Arizona CLE Form:

The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement. This activity may qualify for up to 16.5 hours toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona, including 2 hour(s) of professional responsibility. Please use this Certificate of Attendance to apply for Arizona state CLE credit.

New Mexico CLE Form:

Please fill out the form for our records.

The State Bar of New Mexico has approved the courses for the Navajo Nation Bar Association, Inc. Webinar Sessions for self study only. The State bar of New Mexico has only approve 4 credits since attorneys can only use 4 self-study credits per year in New Mexico. After filling out the form below, please scan and email to or Please note that the NNBA will be paying for New Mexico CLE credit filling fee.

New Mexico CLE Form

Colorado CLE Form:

Please see the form below.

Colorado CLE Form

The Colorado Supreme Court Office of Continuing Legal & Judicial Education has approved 19 General Credits to all who complete this program in its entirety, i.e., who listen to all substantive educational sessions, may claim the credits.

Instructions: Colorado attorneys and judges may report CLE Credits earned at this seminar by logging into the Online CLE Transcript. You can access the online entry of Affidavits by visiting, click on CLE Transcripts, login and select "Enter Online Affidavits." You can enter your affidavit using the Course ID located below.

Course ID: 791955

Utah CLE Form:

The Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education approved:

16.0 Credits with 2.0 Credits approved for ethics. 

Please include your name and state bar number above in the attendance form and we will send the information and payment to the Utah State Board. 

Thank you for attending the 2020 Navajo Nation Bar Association, Inc. Webinar!

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