Casey Watchman, President
Troy Eid, Vice President
David R. Jordan, Secretary

Brian K. Nichols, Treasurer

Board of Bar Commissioners

Below is a list of the current members of the NNBA Board of Bar Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected for three year terms by the members registered in their judicial districts. Commissioners are responsible to communicate with and represent the interests of those members at the Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Bar Commissioners. If you are an NNBA member and have questions or concerns regarding the NNBA and do not have the contact information for your Commissioner(s), please contact the Bar Office.

Board of Bar Commissioners List


  1. Crownpoint District, September 2018
  2. Kayenta District, September 2018
  3. Shiprock District, September 2018
  4. Tuba City District, September 2018

Board of Bar Commissioners- Available Positions